Here are the answers to some common questions about the Porta Press.

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1. What is the total weight of the assembled unit?

Approx. 150 – 175 lbs. – not including the bench. The bench weighs approx. 75 lbs.

2. Why is there a hole in the base?

The hole in the base is simply for slug exit. A solid plate, called a quick change die block, is put on top that is usually 1 1/4" thick (6.5"W x 6" L) and provides a flat surface for the die set to sit on. The quick change die block is held in place with a rear stopper and set screws through the side C-frame in the middle of the front legs.

3. How do you attach a die set to the base of the Porta Press frame?

The design is for a quick change die block format. The bottom 1 1/4" plate is precision machined to slide in and out of the center of the press so that no alignment is required with the die set. The intent is to attach the die set to the quick change die block the first time and thereafter no alignment is required. To complete the attachment, the toolmaker must perform the initial alignment and then tap and drill holes through the bottom of the die set into the quick-change die block. Then the entire assembly can be withdrawn from the press by releasing the side set screws, pulling the assembly out the front and returning into place with no further alignment required. Would you like to know more? Click here!

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