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Punch Tools began in 1980 under the watchful eye of its founder Stan Noort. Stan always believed in listening to customers and over time this proved a successful strategy.

Starting out as a distributor of tool and die makers and industrial supplies, Punch Tools' expertise grew to provide value-added solutions – mainly complete punching assemblies including strip layout, punch and die manufacture and punch presses.

In 1992 Stan took on his partner Robert Farr. Robert’s vast industry experience and natural sales ability helped propel Punch Tools to the forefront of the metal stamping industry in Western Canada. Robert and Stan worked closely together over the next ten years delivering solutions that required Punch Tools to add tool & die manufacturing, metal stamping and parts assembly departments.

Then in 2002 Stan retired and passed the torch to Jim McKinlay. Jim helped take Punch Tools beyond the traditional geographical borders to new customers who can benefit from the years of practical experience Punch Tools staff accumulated. Now Robert, Jim and our talented team continue to provide solutions for our customers who need innovative ideas to bring their creations to life. From prototyping through to production runs our staff will work with you to deliver the best product.

Punch Tools began automating under the new ownership. We moved to design in 3D using SOLIDWORKS®. These designs helped to generate code for our new CNC department which has grown to 5 CNC mills, 4 CNC Lathes, 3 CNC press brakes, 2 wire EDMs, an EDM drill, and an EDM die sinker. This ongoing investment in modern equipment has helped us to stay competitive on the world stage and expand our range of capabilities beyond traditional industries.

Please take some time to look around our website for a solution or two. Drop us a line and let us know if you’ve found what you need or if there is something eluding you. Punch Tools is located in beautiful Vancouver, B.C in Canada - rated as the number 1 city in the world by Economist Magazine.

Your efficiency journey starts with our craftsmen who collectively have over 150 years of experience in conceptualizing, developing and manufacturing hard tooling.

What is tooling? Tooling (or hard tooling) is about productivity and efficiency. When a metal part is required in sufficient quantity, hard tooling can stamp it out most efficiently using a punch press.

Hard tooling is commonly used in auto parts manufacturing and numerous other industries.

The Punch Tools Advantage!

"Tool up" and benefit from the increased efficiency and productivity that comes with the in-house tool and die manufacturing at Punch Tools.

Our tool and die shop can look after all your metal stamping needs from simple perforation and shearing to complex progressive tooling that combines forming, embossing, punching and shearing. We also provide tool and die design services to make sure you are getting the tool that you need.

We add value through our experience across so many industries. Thus, we can present solutions that may be unheard of in your industry, offering you a new competitive advantage.

Punch Tools' toolmakers have vast industry experience to not only make you a new tool but to service your existing tools and keep downtime to a minimum. We can set up a preventative maintenance program that will help you to rest easy.

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