• Cutting very thin or soft material for exact tolerances
  • Smaller high-precision punching piece
  • lightweight 150 lbs. and portable
  • Custom applications for the right solution
  • Portable and safe to use foot pedal activation
  • A larger variable tonnage available than with lighter presses
  • Quick tool and die block swapping


  • Small (Up to 1.3 tons of force)
  • Medium (Up to 2.4 tons of force)
  • Large (Up to 5.4 tons of force) 

For dedicated applications, we will calculate the force required and put the tooling into the appropriately sized Porta Press. If you want the greatest flexibility then the largest Porta Press will give you that and more across our line of standard and custom quick-change tooling.


  • Instant retraction of press cylinder when foot paddle released.
  • Instant retraction saves fingers and secondary products and equipment from misfire.


  • The air compressor is all that is required. Quick connect plastic hose makes hoop up super simple.

Right Sized

  • C-frame and cylinder weigh approx. 150 lbs.
  • Easy to move by hand
  • The tabletop design allows easy workspace configuration.
  • Porta Press conforms to workspace and materials.
  • Cell manufacturing workhorse.


  • Greater range of motion o ram for a wider range of applications.
  • Modular workstation for a flexible manufacturing plant.
  • Quick change die block for tooling and die clamping.
  • Single-minute die change with perfect alignment.

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